Happiness equals to breathing in fresh air in the morning, running through familiar streets, sweating out all the stress your system has endured for the longest time, freeing your mind from anything, being with people who revitalize you, eating your ever favorite fish soup, looking and feeling oh-so-good about yourself, being able to love yourself more, losing unnecessary weight, doing things that make you happy, having dinner with your loved ones, talking your heart out, investing on your self-worth, laughing your heart out, writing down your thoughts, being fearless, getting a new tattoo, singing a good song, seeing long-lost friends, not feeling alone when you’re with someone and surrounded with people, being brave, surpassing a long day, knowing what to say, being able to see the bright side, being decided, wearing fab skirts, dresses and heels, feeling like you’re on the right path, chatting with your best friends, having coffee, reading a book, walking in the park, being free, having someone listen to your monologue, enjoying the sunset, witnessing the sunrise, spending time with yourself, having dinner with your parents, living with sensitive people, giving your time, having people ask you ‘how are you?’ and sincerely listen to what you have to say, conversing over coffee at the end of the day, having a date with your mom, getting words of wisdom from your sib, giving pieces of advice to someone in need, being there for your friends, sleeping with your heart in peace, doing all of these in a place you call ‘home’.


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