Oh, there you are 2012!

What’s good about waking up to a new day is almost everything is renewed. Whether you cried yourself to sleep last night, got wasted and drunk, pampered yourself, embarrassed yourself, declared a break from a relationship, unfollowed, unfriended, acted on impulse, got hurt, felt stupid for being numb, hugged someone from behind – when you wake up, they are all just part of a passed time. Now, what happens next is your choice. Either you carry the memoirs of such passed time, recall and replay them in your head or eject the memoirs, empty your mind and fill it in with the new ones. With conscious effort, it is always possible to reset our minds to a clean slate.

So goodbye, my dear 2011. I’m leaving you now our bittersweet memories together. Rest assured though that I’m grateful for each and every one made. Every single thing is essential for my growth in all aspects. I just have to let go of them now because I’m making countless and more awesome ones for 2012.

Love, me.


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