Such lovely little things

1. My grandmother saying “Love you!” to her son-in-law, my dad over the phone before he left the country.

2. My mom receiving a text message from Ate Fely, our yaya when we were still kids, which reads as “Love you, ate.” after receiving a phone from mom.

3. Dan and Celine visiting an unknown orphanage in Vietnam and blogging about it for help.

4. You’re on a cab. There’s a beggar eating a burger as you turn to your left. It’s raining and the slow flow of traffic is taking too much of your remaining, precious time. Yet you tell yourself: You and this beggar are both blessed.

5. Your soul sister, whom you share the same birthday with, feeling exactly the way you do. Your recent talks are anxiolytic.

6. Some friends who are celebrating their birthdays this December wish for the same thing I wish for this Christmas.

7. Rach giving me a virtual hug. One of the ‘very few’ people whom I wouldn’t hesitate even a bit to tell everything to.

8. Seeing your name in a couple of blog posts.

9. Tita A reading the text message I sent to her almost everyday.


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