The Bikram Yoga experience

Bikram Yoga is basically a “hot yoga” or a yoga in a heated studio(normally 38 °C). It consists of 26 asanas(postures) and 2 breathing exercises plus pauses in between postures as shown above which would total to a session of 90 minutes.

I find this way more strenuous and challenging than the traditional Yoga classes I had attended before in a regular studio. Definitely, the practice hiatus has an effect on the quality of postures I make in my comeback but the room temperature plays a big part in the challenge. Being the water person that I am, (As much as possible, I drink a glass of water in every waking hour), it’s a bit tempting to resort to your tumbler and gulp water as much as you can in every long pause. But the teacher said we should only finish a fourth of that in a bottle during the entire session. No gulping, only sipping is allowed for the purpose of just wetting the throat. If you drink water the size of a standard cup of coffee, it takes a 6th or almost half of the 90-minute session  for the body to absorb the water which prompts the body to use its energy, which is supposed to be utilized only for yoga. So might as well satisfy your urge after the class or drink lots of water an hour prior the class. Why the heat? Because our body functions more effectively when fully warmed up thus, giving way to greater stretching and better flexibility while preventing injury. I love to sweat. Sweating results to happy hormones. So I would absolutely opt for the one which also purposes for maximum sweat production. At times, yoginis would feel a bit dizzy or first-timers would feel like backing out and it’s okay to stop right then and there. Just stand or sit straight and keep breathing. It’s an achievement to be able to do all the asanas perfectly as we push our body to the edge but if the body calls for a pause longer than those in the class, cater without feeling bad about it. You must be so proud of yourself for having gone that far and not leaving the studio. I actually did stop several times and those were guilt-free. 🙂

I’m passionate with anything that is related to balance and well-being. Yoga disciplines the mind, the body and the spirit as they aim to unite themselves with one another and achieve balance. Once it is achieved, there is increased focus and consciousness which hinder thoughts from approaching, thus, improved postures and prana(breath) flow during the entire session. Another thing is that the teacher doesn’t do the postures in front rather only gives instructions which obliges us to listen with full and conscious attention to his words limiting our concentration to only 3 things: (1)breathing, (2)postures and (3)instructions.

Among all the techniques, my favorite are the breathing exercises. These two limit you to focusing only on the quality and the rate of your breaths. With every conscious breath, it feels like every negativity in our system, together with the Carbon Dioxide from the lungs, is exhaled.

Yes, the postures in Bikram Yoga are not easy but are definitely achievable through continuous and conscious practice.



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