Quick Zambales trip

Went gaga over taking sunset photos in a short vacation. Thank God my decent camera was with me. The weather wasn’t that good during the afternoon but became cooperative as the dusk waved its goodbye to us. The scene was so heavenly that I kept on clicking my camera. I could not afford to not come up with good photos out of it. A good weather, a view of the sunset at the beach, a view of the clouds altogether in a scene is rare. That’s something you don’t witness everyday in a city. I was in a state of pure bliss. But what made the vacation more blissful was the people I spent it with. These people are some of the nicest people I know. My heart just felt so warm during the entire vacation. This was one of those trips that I kept on talking about even when I had long gone home. The seafood overload, the catching-ups, the inquisitive kids, the most wonderful holding-hand moment I’ve had with an elderly as he walked us before going home, the heartwarming hospitality, the dusk-until-late-night talks, the walk in the market in search of the best seafood that had us soaking wet due to that instant rain bath, the early morning talks over coffee, the delight of eating a very Pinoy lunch with bare hands, the local rice cakes – all these are also reminders of how simple life can be yet so wonderful.


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