A 3 am writing attack

So this is what Nina Yau calls “writing attacks”. You know that moment when thoughts, in abundance, woke you up at 3am. Their words hum beautifully together you have to write them down, at least, in a piece of paper, in your journal, in your phone or in your laptop. Right away. It’s like a calling that whispers insistently behind your ears. A temptation that arises at dawn when everybody else is sleeping soundly in dreamland. No one else knows that you’re awake except for a few zombies/twitter followers/friends. And you are just inspired. And just in love. And just happy to write in moments like this. Moments that other people may not know how it feels like to soak oneself in a sea of enthralling beauty of words. These are moments that only people who experience the very same attack, who share the very same passion can understand. Those who can appreciate solitude amidst the sprouting social needs in this age of technology slavery and faux friendship. Those who know how magical the powers of a cup of coffee can be throughout the process of thought utilisation. Those who passionately respond to intellectual hunger. Those who have clever judgement. Those who can grasp with the mind and heart how a single word can create masterpieces that can inspire the aspiring, motivate the hopeless, uplift the lonely and can actually change the world and make a better story of it.


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