One of those travel urges

My present thought? I just badly, desperately, seriously need a 2-month vacation somewhere. And this thing has to happen immediately. Two things to consider: 

1. I’m on a shoestring budget. A trip without having to ride a plane will do. Good thing about this is there’s the challenge to keep up your expenses with your budget while not compromising the quality of your vacation. One of the best parts of my travels is realising that I’ve been a good girl because upon coming home, I would find myself in a no-bankruptcy state. Yes I’m proud to say that I’ve been spending my money more wisely than ever. I’ve been investing on the more reasonable ones and ditching those which I personally find of no value. Food? I have never been picky with food but that doesn’t mean that I will eat anything edible. Given the choices, I would always go for the healthier ones. Thank God I’ve been in love with vegetables since younger days that giving way to a much healthier living is effortless. Vegetarianism? Nah. As I always say to curious people, I’m just an occasional vegan. And I am not giving up meat of all kinds. Not now. And not in the near future. One can be healthy and not deprive himself of all the goodness the food can offer. Place to stay? I have tried sleeping on the floor with only a “banig” as my bed and woke up the next day feeling recharged. I’m happy that through constant learning and conscious effort, I’ve come to outgrow the numerous, senseless needs we have acquired through our years of living in our comfort zone. And the mind, indeed, has played the biggest part in that self-reinvention. Here’s the thing: When someone’s eager to do something, nothing gets in the way. Just as the same as when someone is genuinely happy, there’s no way for vulnerability. Given a certain situation that is new to you and is a threat to your definition of comfort, you don’t call a friend and rant out all your complaints. You deal with it and work with whatever you have at that certain sit. This is not just survival. This is survival with grace. Comfort is all in the mind. One can still be prosperous yet live a simple life.

2. The place must not be in an urban setting. To be honest, I am clueless where to go. All I just want to do for these 2 whole precious months are the following:

  • Read a new, good book but with the option of not finishing it within the entire vacation.
  • Finish reading books that I haven’t yet. Unfortunately, I have this habit of book-hopping.
  • Engage in walks. More walks. Long sunrise walks. Long sunset walks.
  • Running by the beach. I was in great envy when a photographer/writer friend was able to do that during a solo trip somewhere North. I only get to run along streets like on the way to the market in SMB, that big circle in Quirino grandstand, those tree-filled streets of Pasir Ris. This time I want to try it with the sound of the waves as a company.
  • Eat balut and savour everything inside but with intense passion this time. Haha.
  • Binge drink over a bonfire and a local dish.
  • Engage in a looong, heart-to-heart/no-holds-barred talk with someone. Just open up to someone not close to me. How’s that for a change?
  • Lose voice in singing all-time favourite karaoke songs. Haha.
  • Dance like nobody’s watching to the 80’s and novelty music.
  • Kayak from one island to another.
  • Go biking along a vast stretch of green fields for one whole day. With stop-overs on sights of small eateries and street food vendors and dirty ice cream.
  • Take loooots of pictures of anything that is beautiful and promising.
  • Eat great loads of dried Mushroom and Broccoli chips. Guilt-free.
  • Hand wash all my clothes.
  • Eat dirty ice cream in a small-sized pitcher. With loads of cheese on top.
  • Float. Freely.
  • Drink the cheapest hard drink with the locals in a store. Listen to their stories.
  • Laugh soooo hard with hands clapping and tears from the eyes falling.
  • Write down random thoughts.
  • Write in the wee hours of the morning.
  • Have coffee with the morning sea breeze clinging to your skin.
  • Cook. With your cravings and mine combined.
  • Listen to music.
  • Bathe in the rain. The last time I did this was half a decade ago in our backyard at my dad’s hometown. Freeing! What have I been doing for the last 5 years???
  • Immerse.
  • Get involved.
  • Cook for people I barely know.
  • Have multiple shots with random, happy kids.
  • Have a good cry.
  • Do jump shots on a sunset/sunrise. 
  • Paint. Just like what we do in the good, old days. In those days when our imagination was still rooted in innocence and simplicity.
  • Eat the traditional Pinoy comfort food such as tuyo, tinapa, itlog na Pula, kamatis, talong, okra, sinangag na kanin with bare hands on a big Banana leaf. Boodle fight! (Did I miss something?)
  • Fly a huge, colourful kite out of creativity.
  • Babysit.
  • Plan not and be spontaneous.
  • Build sandcastles.
  • Meditate.
  • Live.
  • Be.


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