Okay. So last night, I decided that today would be another day to serve as a break for me from what I’ve been doing recently. Or supposed to be doing. Can’t decide which phrase is more appropriate yet. But will get to that eventually. Because that’s the way of the universe, right? Two things. Either everything moves so fudging fast that you’d just be notified that everyone’s already in the meeting place and waiting for you. Or. Or the other way around when no flying object/-man is there to save you from an extremely sloooooow flow of traffic. Took a day off.

1. Days have been partly monotonous lately. Though there’s always a fair share of highs and lows, ins and outs. But I just don’t like(not hate) routines. I’d rather have lingering muscle pains resulted from days of looong walks, runs and rides than be glued on a chair  for like a third of a day in your life. It kind of feels stupefying. But don’t get me wrong. Being glued on a chair doing what your past decisions have obliged you to do is the total opposite of me moments on a chair with Eckhart Tolle. The former is just time-consuming while the latter is, for the lack of a better word, awakening. 

2. Music and travel keep me sane. These are two of my most favorite things in the world. They’re God’s genius creations. They just simply know where to stand, when to butt in, when to show up. They just know your default settings. They are awesome friends. 

3. If something’s becoming a bit unmanageable, you just want to give it a holiday. Who cares? It’s yourself that you’re freeing temporarily from headaches. You just don’t allow such to get the best of you. 

4. A free day means you can do anything you want. Anything you’ve chosen to deprive yourself lately just because that’s the right thing to do. On this day, you can indulge yourself in anything. Name it. You want 3 baconators? Go feed yourself! 

5. Need some quiet time inside a church? No mass. Just you. The person beside you. The person at your back. Silence. And His presence. 

6. New environment. Have you ever felt like you wanna leave everything behind and start a brand new life somewhere? That’s one of the deceiving promises of anything new/foreign. Deceiving? We can always start on a clean slate anytime, anywhere. It’s just a matter of conscious mental effort. But then again, what works for one may not work for another. But given the chance? Why the hell would I not take it?! 

7. A great, intimate conversation with someone who has taken a peek, at one point or another, at a deeper layer of yourself, at least, is a therapy. Connection is a treasure. Words spoken/written with sincerity are just beautiful. They free something in you as you let them out of your system. They are your truth. Do I still make sense?


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