Humiliation triggered suicide

Humiliation triggered suicide. The members of the Blue Ribbon committee are supposed to promote fair judgment, civility and an unbiased attitude since they are the ones handling the case. But what do we get from them in return despite the cooperation and willingness of the people involved? A showcase of grandstanding lawmakers taking advantage of the public trial and prevailing personal intentions over objectivity. Hats off to Senators Drilon and Guingona for giving respect and showing diplomacy in relating with the defendants. These are the primary attributes of highly-educated people. Characteristics that we rarely see in our leaders who should be the epitome of such.How can we completely rely on our justice system if this is what we continue to witness over the decades? Ineffective investigations due to low credibility. Scapegoating. Getting away with corruption despite barefaced evidence. What about those government officials who deserve such a tragic death more than Reyes? Have they become immune to guilt that no inquest can ever shaken them up? What will happen to whistleblowers Jun Lozada, Heide Mendoza, George Rabusa? Will their testimonies be buried away with the wind? Piteous. Good for nothing. Lifeless. Just because they don’t have this powerful person to back them up. With what we have witnessed through the years, is it still possible to break off the long-time ongoing tradition of corruption in the country? If not, at least, to diminish it? Will the truth ever be a part of our dysfunctional justice system?


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