Peaceful transition

Genuine calmness is a state of mind. I once ended a relationship right when I got home one morning from a graveyard shift. Then had a light dinner and chit-chat with a cousin. Took a shower. Then slept without distracting thoughts. Woke up in the evening for preps. Then went to work. Enjoyed breaks with colleagues and made sales. This was one of the most peaceful transitions I’ve ever had. Incredibly peaceful it made me question my own emotions. But then, people have their own ways in coping up with a loss/distress. Be it a promotion which took you only 3 months to get. Or friends who are more than willing to trade QTs with you for career opportunities abroad and a ticket to Les Miserables in London. Or your favourite pair of Gold-plated, dangling earrings borrowed from you for a photo shoot in a park which just suddenly vanished in the air. Even if the colour was already fading, it still had the charm to complete a night outfit. Or a puppy love lost in maturity. Just when a person mourns deeply for the loss of a loved one due to cancer, gets overexcited with the mere existence of a Debenhams’ Orange Meerkat plush toy in a shelf or feels so damn good whilst getting 7 small characters of an old writing system inked on a bony body part, doesn’t mean one has to react the same way given the same situations. Just because most people would curse the justice system to death if they were in Hubert Webb’s position who swore innocence despite 15 years in prison doesn’t mean he has to hold rage against the world as well. Our reactions are defined by our own thoughts and feelings and not anyone else’s. There’s no right or wrong, normal or not normal coping mechanisms. Most of the time, things get odd that we cry for the littlest pains and no apparent reasons at all and sometimes, even just blow off the excruciating ones.Anyhow, I just hope and pray that the very same transition happens in Egypt today. No matter how far it may seem to transpire at this hour.


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