An advice, unsolicited

Live  in the moment. Use the power of nowAppreciate what you have right now – whether tangible or intangible. And savour them. Don’t focus on what you don’t have at the moment because that’s energy-draining and doing so will leave you lonely and alone. Be a winner, a fighter, a conqueror and a survivorEnough of life’s drama! For us to survive on Earth, we have to be strong. And strong is another word for being resilientYou are the master of your mind. You are the only person who can command your thoughts. Other people’s impressions on us don’t have to be our reality nor truth about ourselves. Because the thing that will become our reality nor truth about ourselves is the very thing that we believe/think about ourselves. People, no matter how much they love us, won’t always be there for us because they also have their lives to live, problems to solve, goals to achieve and dreams to fulfill. The best thing we can do is to tag ourselves as strong people; that we can conquer anything with the help of God. It’s so damn useless to fight all kinds of battles. Because not all battles are worth-fighting for nor even worth our bother. There are things that are so shallow they don’t even deserve the slightest of our attentionCalm yourself amid clouded thoughts so you can think better. Focus on positive things yet more on now (the way to your dreams, yourself, the people you’re building your life with). People may be there for you at times. They may help you with all their might but you are the only person who can make your life better.


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