Countdown to 2011

Dear God,

May this year be a better year for all of us. Far better than 2010. May we pray to You more often and do our religious obligations more wholeheartedly. May we express more our love and affection to those people we love and care about. And may we have more happy and remarkable moments with them. And may we cherish those moments and savour them like there’s no next time. May we say more “yes” to invites and “no” to excuses. May singles meet the man/woman of their dreams. And may couples continue to have patience w/ one another. May we enjoy sitting alone in stillness as we do while having endless laughs w/ family and friends. May the blessings that we receive be multiplied by a gazillion times so we can share them to others. May we all be successful in our chosen careers and go to work like we’re just doing a hobby and meeting friends. May we finish and accomplish all those that we have to. May we be able to give closure to things that cling to us. May we forgive w/ all our hearts those who have hurt us. May we fully let go of our grudges, bitterness and anger, big or small. May we all be in a better state of health for more eating, drinking and caffeine sessions w/ our loved ones, in binge or on a diet. May kindness and compassion be a way of our lives. May we make more people happy so happiness won’t have to leave us alone at night. May we have more meaningful, long conversations w/ inspiring people. May we have more travels around the world w/ our loved ones. And whatever comes along our way, amidst our feebleness to understand, may we continue to rest our trust in You and submit everything to Your Will. Amen.


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