My first (published) ink

Location: Bugis Street, Singapore

Company: The Coolest Brother

“It feels good!”, I told the tattoo artist as the needle seemed to start vibrating against my skin. It’s been a decade since the last time I felt that kind of sensation. I almost forgot how good it feels when it’s actually happening. The truth is the pain’s severity depends upon the size of the design, the location on which your tattoo is going to be inked and your pain threshold. If it’s a bony part, expect a moderate to severe pain. There are even times when you would feel no pain at all. That’s exactly what happened to me when I had this one. There was literally no pain the whole time I was getting inked. The pain was only felt after the session was over. Maybe because I have a high pain tolerance. My mom said that when I was a kid, I never cried upon the sight of needles or injections. There was a time when a nurse in an emergency room was having a hard time inserting the IV needle to my left-hand vein that she had to ask for help from two nurses and voila, after four attempts in three veins, the IV therapy finally started. All those happened with my eyes looking on. The Power of Now: There was no pain because I was solely focusing on the needle being inserted into my vein. You can choose not to feel the pain. Good news because this is applicable to real life, darling! But that’s another story. So going back, here are a couple of tips in getting a tattoo:

1. Trust your instinct. If you’re not 100 percent sure with the design and the tattoo artist you have picked, please do not proceed. Remember that this tattoo is going to be a permanent one. You wouldn’t want to be regretful afterwards and resort to a removal. Wait for the mean time and search. The right design and tattoo artist will eventually come along.

2. Choose a design that is timeless. Definitely, the name of your current boyfriend/girlfriend is a huge NO-NO. Puhhhlease!


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