1. It’s 2:50 in the morning here in the Lion City. And could hardly sleep. Went to bed early and woke up after a few hours. Now, am a zombie. This is, as far as i consciously remember, the very first time that I’m missing my mom. A lot. Seriously. I’m used to mom being away. Or being away from mom. Or mom spending a week or two with me for a season then be away the next. It’s just feels a bit different this time.

2. I had an encounter with the term “Mushin” this week. It is a Japanese mindset meaning “no-mind”, freeing oneself from thoughts of anger, fear and ego as one journeys through everyday life. One needs to empty his mind so he can function better according to his intuition and that focus will not be just on one aspect of one’s life but will also be on the same level as other aspects. In that case, the mind is in a state of flowing and balance is achieved. It must be tough for those people especially martial artists who are even trained to practice this mental state. But freeing your mind from all thoughts and making it as a way of your life is like dragging yourself out of bed to a graveyard-shift job after getting drunk in the morning. It is laborious. It’s not just like a habit that one gets used to over a period of 21 days. I have consciously detached myself many times from things, people, places, memories before. In one way or another. No-mindness and detachment are two things. To me, detachment is not isolation neither selfishness. It doesn’t mean not savouring life and the gift of being alive. It is being emotionally unattached to human desires because nothing is permanent. It is looking at life in a higher perspective. It is decoding human experiences from a wide frame of mind. It is letting go of things so things can flow freely into your life. But in every faith, there’s a challenge. A challenge to be consistent about it. A challenge to put conscious effort into it until it becomes a way of life. And a challenge to start it again after an interruption.


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