“I dreamt of you last night.” It was a candy-coated dream. Like the moment when your instincts would show you potential romantic hints are coming but your objective self refuses to see them because your brain has just denied their validity due to insufficient evidence. But then, you’re wrong because now, they are happening. Like when you didn’t expect, just forgot about the whole thing, then suddenly, it happened and turned out more than what the reality would permit it to be. It was a kind of dream that says things are in good/safe hands. And the mind was put to rest. And the heart was happy and at peace the whole time and felt like it had just come from a walk in the air when reality set in. This is not the only time when I would wake up on a high-spirited morning from a weird dream with you in it. Bizarre, because we only had a few encounters in our years of just being acquainted. And an exchange of a few sentences is considered an encounter right? I just wonder what’s with the occasional visit to one’s flight of fancy? Do they foretell an occurrence in the future or a thing of the past? Does this mean that the person involved was thinking of you on the duration of your dream? Nah. That’s impossible. But Prince Dastan has a point when he said, “Difficult. Not impossible!” in response to Tamina’s pessimistic reaction, “That’s impossible!”. Therefore, it may be difficult to believe in but yeah, it is possible.
Now, tell me! How do I get back to that part of my dream? ♥


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