My very first make-up stint

Just had my very first make-up stint ever. A dream come true! Thanks to my former co-theater actors (Yvette Brawner, the photographer and Katherine Lapuz, one of the models) and the other models(Amy, Trisha, Trixie, Mike and Greg) for making this possible. Yeah, there were 6 models all in all. And I did all their make-up. I was the official make-up artist. Wee! The call time was before midnight but got home at 7am. It was really tiring especially when we had to do all the make-up and other preparations inside Yvette’s van because there were no vacant tables and seats at the location that time (lunch break of the English-speaking people). I was really in love with the theme because it has been a long-time dream for me to be part of a photo shoot in an extremely crowded place where your models get to stand out from the rest of those seemingly-busy, walking people. And since it is a weekend overnight street food fiesta, the heavenly and enticing aroma of food being cooked and served just wouldn’t sneak away. But despite the hard-to-hold off, huuuge temptation, I didn’t buy anything! Even if it’s like you also had a chance of meatballs and it’s raining food. Oh well, I am improving and temerity is lesser now. I only ate the beef steak and rice (a bit guilty) Pupay, the owner of the dresses, sponsored. But all the efforts exerted were all worth it especially when you’d hear and see the most fulfilling rewards to a job well-done – the flattering compliments and the satisfaction on their faces! And those good feedback really got me more inspired to pursue this passion of mine that has long been planned – to take up an advanced make-up course and eventually be handed a paper that certifies you as a professional make-up artist. 🙂 


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