Some lessons


1. Situations that require tremendous patience will continue to bash your face until you have wholeheartedly learned the lesson – to increase your patience.

2. The only things you can get right away are those that you can grab right from where you are sitting.

3. Some things you desire require years of trying to not think about it, of busying yourself with every thing that you chance upon, of not being desperate to have it for desperation may shoo the thing away.

4. You learn the value of patience as you try to be smart, do things on impulse and fail.

5. Acceptance. You have to accept the reality of your life at present. And just be 99% OK with that. Accept and you’ll have peace of mind.

6. There are no such things as a perfectly-satisfying job, buddy, date, movie, book etc. Contentment equals happiness. It may help you conserve your energy from ranting about all those stuff your critical perception would always flash on in your territory.

7. In your journey, you may change due to lessons learned and knowledge gained but there will still be some things left unchanged that define the naïve you.

8. We all have addictive genes.

9. The more you are aware of something, the more the universe sends signals to your brain to make you even get a load of that something.

10. People lie when they say ‘they will never settle for something less in life’. There are still instances when you have to choose that something less to give way to an event.

11. Weird as it may seem, there will always be people who will leave a great impact in your life even how unusual and short the encounter is. This goes to show that we can never underestimate what a chance encounter might bring into our lives. We meet people for a reason.

12. Not expecting keeps you from getting hurt nor disappointed. It is a smart choice.

13. Don’t be takaw-tingin. Just chill. You might end up sooo full right away, you won’t be able to enjoy the rest of the cuisines.

14. Stop waiting for something and it will come to you.

15. If you don’t wanna look like a Panda bear, don’t eat when your upset. Emotional eating gives you a momentary comfort but calories have a great staying power in your body and that’s detrimental to your figure unless you’re lucky enough to have a rapid metabolism.

16. Do not be picky. Time will come when you would have no other choice but choose the choices you just blew off before. Do not be overpowered by your standards.

17. Even if some people don’t look convincing in their drama, they still deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt. Everybody still has their story. And it’s not their fault that they don’t have a good convincing power.

18. If you are a good person, remain as you are, even if others are not.

19. If you’re not religiously updated with our current political events, ask the cab drivers. It’s interesting to listen to different opinions of these people especially with regards to the upcoming election and the people in the limelight today, the presidentiables. But beware because there are uber annoying cab drivers who would rather ask nonsensical, irrelevant questions about you than discuss politics. And this is another test on how far you can stretch out your ‘being nice’.

20. On constant reinvention. Don’t get stuck in a box. Try a lot of things and at least be good at them. The more, the merrier.


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