On waiting

There is a kind of waiting that is not merely influenced by our freewill. This waiting is the one that requires unconditional patience because there is no another lane to cross nor another vacancy to move in. It only entails a very plain and uncomplicated command. It is to stay right where you are and put everything on hold as if there is a downtime. This is the phase in your life where there are no cutoffs and target dates are imperceptible. There are no turning points because moments of truth are improbable to happen. You can anticipate, hang around, daydream, nail-bite, look forward, stand by, talk to someone, play dead and whatever as long as you do not move your feet. You are not allowed to take steps because Somebody else is in possession of your meantime. Definitely no cheating because only the impulsive ones resort to it. Your selection power is being held up as if one attempt to play on it equals the rest of your life.And you are only given two things to associate with your waiting. Yourself and your conscience who reasons out as if she’s all-knowing but oftentimes fails to give justice to your confusions and harmony to your doubts. Or it can also be just You.


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