I hated the fact that Alfonso Tomas, who has been a crush since the day the School of Management posted on a huge board 7 years ago that ‘TBA is not an actual classroom’, is already taken. Plus the fact that he’s taken by Patty Laurel who used to be our court side reporter, a fantasy role, during those days when you’d also find yourself making ‘the wave’ and cheering for your school with your fellow schoolmates at the big dome and letting yourself get carried away with the greatest rivalry in modern existence. I also told a gay friend about it and he was like ‘OMG! I hate him!’ in an empathising tone of voice. Haha! But the hate was a healthy kind of one as evaluated and was just initial. It’s just that good, intelligent, achiever, humble, single guys are endangered. And he used to be one of those. *Struggled for words. Attempted to write. Failed. Ran out of thoughts. Mental block. Played dead. Heard Em Blasco jokingly saying ‘snapped out of it, Voila!* Most of the time, your writing is just so bad you can’t even finish it in a decent way. Haha. But then again, I will always be a fan of ATom. 🙂


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