To starve or to indulge

I’m not hungry. It’s just that i feel the urge to satisfy my cravings again. Honestly, I’m having a hard time going against that fire in my belly. I’ve been kind of having an inner debate whether to dial to order or just stare at the screen and continue doing whatever. The battle is really tough. Especially for somebody who is just so much passionate about food or anything related to it. Name it. I can be your best food buddy. For me, eating is an experience. If there’s one capital sin that i would be most likely to commit as asked by Mr. Crocker, it would be capital G-L-U-T-T-O-N-Y. Hahaha. And in times like this, it tends to become heart over matter. It’s like my mind gets too weak to resist those tempting burger towers. Worse, a spoiler friend is coming over tonight so for sure we might end up luxuriating our taste buds in those Big Mac burgers which have 563.85 calories in 1 quantity according to my mom who warned, threatened and reminded me for the trillionth time to literally abstain myself from it and all those fat-inducing faves. Well, at least I’m not considering Baconator and those at Burger Ave, right? Haha.


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