I have an eye for appreciation on all things and people around me. I don’t really care much about levels, degrees and intensities. As much as possible, I try to not label ‘things’ as good or bad, liberating or not. Because everything is essential. Even those times when we lie torpid and just wanna get lost. So then, life is fair after all. I’m a believer of balance so I don’t really mind solitude in moderation. I’m in love with seawater. “The principle is like if you have to swallow salt, do it in the most enjoyable way possible – hit the beach!” Detachment is one of the wisest and most independent words I’ve come to know. But then, anything in excess is corrupting. Gawd, so this is the so-called ‘change’ huh? Thanks to comfort philosophy and a fair share of stubborn, cushion-prickly lessons and learning-to-be’s plus a cup of Peppermint Mocha and a bonus of Camille’s Le Festin. Let’s drink to that! 🙂


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