Happy thoughts

Met up with ate Sophie, our director, yesterday at 1 pm. Then headed to meet up with Kat Ignacio, a freelance editor, to have our 30-min movie edited. A novice to film technology, I didn’t know I was gonna have to wait for 10 hours from the editing down to the final polishing. Gawd, I even agreed to meet up with some friends for coffee at 7pm. So I’m just gonna leave to you how many hours they waited for me. Anyway, true friends wait for each other right? Haha. I just hope Venti fraps and Cinnamon rolls were ample enough to cover up for that guilt-inducing incident. They somehow eased my self-guilt. Guys, super thank you!!! And super thanks as well to Ate Sophie for lending me her cellphone since my phone’s battery was already empty. So going back to the fundamental purpose of all these, Kat’s career story got me really inspired. Though it took her a year to be knowledgeable about the field, she’s like Neil De Mesa in the making who have managed to excel in different plots at a young age. A story perfectly told! Well, with the kind of skill editors have, they so much deserve to be paid the amount of 100k or more a month(at ABS-CBN for example) as reported. It’s like, “Wow! Nurse ka?” Haha.

Last Sunday, I had a one-on-one guzzle with my bro. Secured with my high alcohol tolerance which has been tried and tested through the years, I got myself boozed up. But some factors would always insist to put on effect on that nominal endurance so I got flustered with the fact that it failed me again this time. Haha. Though I could still walk while recovering my balance, I was literally escorted through my place like a helpless child who was about to have his tooth extracted. Bearing the incident on my way home, I heard a thought rotating in my head, playing back ‘Wtf! I’m never gonna drink again! Never!’ incorporated by a silhouette of Lisa Kogan nodding her head as if she’s a mind reader all her life. If It’s not just stupid to head straight to the hospital and have myself sedated, I would. Haha. But then it felt fervidly good to my restless brain cells that I thought otherwise and just savoured it. Already home, felt like a thistle had been taken out of my throat. So ’til next booze! Haha!


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