Downtime. Station 103.

People come and go. There are those you’ve been with for just a short time but have grown close with and felt like you’ve known them forever. And there are those you’ve known almost all your life yet haven’t achieved that same intensity of closeness you’ve shared with the latter. One minute, they’re here. The next one, they’re gone. It’s like the time has run out so fast that you just wanna hug them tight and never let go. If you could. If only. But that’s the way life has always been. And it feels secured that after all the welcoming’s and letting-go’s you have gone through, you’ve finally learned how to detach yourself from all the emotions brought about by those. You learn that attachment is something that you allow to happen only in your relationship with God. For nothing stays forever and sometimes, things are taken away so abruptly that you’re never prepared of yet you just tell yourself that you gotta be ok with that. You learn that labeling things as good or bad is just a temporary way of consoling yourself. So you just mindset to accept things right away because you know that dwelling too much on them is unhealthy for your soul. You learn to appreciate the littlest of the littlest things from the smile you get from a stranger and the innocence of children when you talk to them up to the many surprises that come along. . . “Guys, log in!”


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